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We only ask when donations are needed. If every surveyor reading this contributes a couple of dollars we can remove this block and begin moving to the new and improved BETA Land Surveyors United Platform. This message will be removed as soon as we are funded.

Help Us Stay Alive

Dear Surveyor, Please donate what you can afford to help the Land Surveyors United Community stay alive. You may not know it, but we’re an independent website that the entire world of surveyors depend on. We are dedicated to staying free for all land surveyors but we still have bills to pay. Most users can’t afford to donate, but we hope you can. If everyone chips in $5, we can keep this going for free. For the price of a meal, we can preserve a website forever. We built the Land Surveyors United because open access to knowledge is fragile. If you find our site useful, chip in what you can today. Thank you. ~Justin Farrow

Monthly Community Costs

It costs roughly $470 per month to host and maintain this community. For over 15 years, Justin has paid for this out of pocket while surviving as graduate student. We do not sell your data or crowd your learning with distractions on the site. Your donation will go towards keeping LSU alive and free for the entire Surveying Industry. If we are not able to raise the funds needs for operation, we will have to search for alternative means to meet financial requirements.

How Your Donation Helps

Monthly costs with maintaining Hosting, Network Maintenance, Live Support, Fees associated with monthly billing related all of the moving parts of LSU, Development of Real-Time support tools, Web Development, Mobile Version and Application Development, Out Reach, Development of Continuing Education Program for Surveyors and Online Training in Foreign Countries and more.

Our Global Mission

Our mission is to provide avenues of professional development for land surveyors worldwide. Students leaving school are most times not properly equipped to work in the field. They need the expertise and guidance from those who have been in the field in order to perform their jobs. On Land Surveyors United, we all learn from one another and support each other across borders.

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